Who We Are

From advanced molecular infectious disease diagnostics to high-throughput and high-velocity RT-QPCR testing, MD Diagnostic provides the science, technology, and infrastructure to power large-scale health initiatives for our clients and partners around the world.

MD Diagnostic works with large health systems, long term care, private employers, private practice physicians, and public health initiatives to use technology and sound science to generate optimal health outcomes for individuals from all walks of life.

MD Diagnostic has partnered with Advanced Therapeutic Assist to provide the most comprehensive disease management available today.

Therapeutic Management

Advanced Therapeutic Assist specializes PCR based molecular laboratory report interpretations. Highly trained clinical pharmacist view every report and produce customized therapeutic guidance based on the clinical relevance of each pathogen and the resistant gene detected. Therapeutic guidance paired with superior molecular diagnostics tools will optimize patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions, and significantly improve antibiotic Stewardship.

Gold Standard and Resistance

The CDC has confirmed we are currently in an antibiotic crisis due to the growing global epidemic of antibiotic resistance. The CDC has stated as often as 50% of the time, antibiotics are being prescribed either unnecessarily or incorrectly. These findings highlight the need for quick and accurate pathogen identification, as well as the clinical assessment of the genetic markers detected. CDC statistics show standard culture and sensitivity methods have an error rate of 30% or higher so let’s raise the bar with Custom PCR testing.

About the Team

ATA pharmacists are trained in PCR ABX Resistant Pharmacotherapy. ATA has designed protocols and clinical recommendations with providers in mind to facilitate utilization of information to provide the best antibiotic med class choice. ATA pharmacist have done over 500,000 target therapy workflows with Resistant Gene detection, we have proven a success rate over existing algorithms on the market.

Getting antibiotics right the first time

Fast pathogen detection, accuracy, and custom designed panels

Dr. Robin Prince is a practicing pharmacist with broad experience in clinical, community, pediatric, geriatric, and long-term care pharmacy. Dr. Prince received a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Dr. Prince held a clinical internship in long-term care, managing therapeutic regimens and hospital protocols in long-term care facilities. Subsequently, she practiced pediatric clinical pharmacy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Prince has practiced community pharmacy since 1988, 20 years with Walmart.

Dr. Prince is leading the way in therapeutic management services and personalized healthcare. She has developed a model for clinical laboratory services to merge with therapeutic management services to provide target therapy solutions to patients and providers. This target therapeutic guidance coupled with polymerase chain reaction technology and resistant gene detection is setting a new standard in diagnostics and collaborative care.

What sets us apart...

ATA provides the most comprehensive Molecular analysis in the country. Our proprietary process delivers TRUE Antimicrobial Stewardship customized for each patient.

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